10 Best Isekai Anime to Watch Right Now

Isekai anime has never been bigger, and we're breaking down 10 of its top series.

It is hard to imagine what the anime industry would look like now without isekai. For years now, the genre has been growing in scale, and now isekai anime is everywhere you look. From fantasy thrillers to romantic comedies, there is an isekai anime out there for everyone. So of course, there are plenty of people looking for the right show to add to their watch list.

Here at ComicBook, we have put in the hours needed to become isekai experts. From recent hits to genre classics, we are here to share 10 of the best isekai series available. We're taking out the guess work for you, so if you've ever wanted to see what isekai is about, ComicBook has you covered.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reinarnation

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation may be the current leader when it comes to isekai anime. After debuting in November 2012, the story's hit anime has charmed the fandom with the help of Rudeus Greyrat. The harem fantasy tells the story of a 34-year-old man who sacrifices his meaningless life to save some teens in the real world. When he awakens, the man finds himself reborn in a new world as Rudeus, and he finds himself on an escort mission years later when his nation is blighted by a magical catastrophe.

The Eminence in Shadow

If you like dark fantasy, The Eminence in Shadow has what you want. The isekai follows a young boy who dreams of ruling the world from the shadows, but he is killed at a young age. The lead is reborn in a fantasy world as Cid, and his plan begins anew as he forms a cult based on a lie. But as it turns out, Cid's lie was very much real, and his phony cult is thrust into a real dangerous power struggle.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero is one an isekai packed with comedy and action. Created by Anew Yusagi, the series tells the story of Naofumi as the man is summoned to a new world with three others and crowned Cardinal Heroes. While the others are gifted weapons like swords, Naofumi is blessed with a shield that leaves the public unimpressed. Bamboozled and betrayed, Naofumi finds himself a partner named Raphtalia, and his crew works to show the public why Naofumi should be respected as a shield hero.


If you have been in the anime fandom for awhile, you know the name Inuyasha. The series is considered a classic shonen at this point, and Inuyasha has spawned oh-so many memes. However, the story stands as a damn good isekai. It tells the story of Kagome, a high school girl who falls into a well and arrives in a bygone era of Japan. It is there Kagome learns she is the reincarnation of a priestess who is bound to protect a relic known as the Shikon Jewel. The only problem is that demon from all over want the gem, and this forces Kagome to team up unwillingly with a half-demon named Inuyasha who dreams of becoming a full-blooded demon.

Log Horizon

There are a number of isekai stories that take characters into a video game world. Sword Art Online mastered the tale, but Log Horizon took the trope to new heights. The sci-fi story follows players of the game Elder Tale. When 30,000 fans become stuck in game, tensions arise between the players and the game's NPCs as they become self aware. As such, one gamer named Shiroe team up to form a guild for survival all while searching for ways to escape Elder Tale.

Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World

Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World might be one of the funniest isekai titles ever. Created in December 2012, Konosuba is now seen as a gold standard for anime fans who want a good chuckle. The series tells the story of Kazume Satou after the teenager dies an embarrassing death and meets the goddess Aqua in their afterlife. Agreeing to help the goddess, Kazume is reborn in a parallel world with magic, and the pair from a disjointed party with the hopes of killing the Devil King.

Sonny Boy

If you like more serious stories, isekai has what you're looking for in Sonny Boy. The original series was created by Shingo Netsuke, and it follows a trio of middle school students who are transported into an odd liminal world. Loaded with unique rules, this new world bequeaths our leads with supernatural powers, but the friends still struggle to return home as they fight with one another. And as their journey through This World continues, the gang learns thousands of others are also trapped in this dimension with them.

My Next Life as a Villainess

Sometimes, it is good to be bad. My Next Life as a Villainess proves this much is true as the rom-com follows a young woman who learns she has been reincarnated after death. The girl now lives in the world of an otome game titled Fortune Lover, but there is one issue – Catarina is the villain! Desperate to avoid her nasty fate, Catarina tries to avoid the pitfalls of the game she played in the real world, but her unique choices impact the otome universe in tons of strange ways.

Ascendance of a Bookworm

If you love a good book, Ascendance of a Bookworm was made for you. The fantasy series tells the story of Urano Motosu, a hopeful librarian who is killed by her own books. When she awakens, the girl – now named Myne – is in her worst nightmare. Our heroine was reborn in a world where only the most elite have access to books, so Myne takes life in her own hands. The young girl begins writing books of her own, and this move brings all sorts of unwanted attention to the bookish girl.

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World

When it comes to isekai anime, no series is better known than Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World, and there is a good reason why. Created by Taipei Nagasaki, this adventure isekai has everything you could want in a story. From death to love and drama, Re:Zero does it all with the help of Subaru Netsuke. The boy finds himself transported to a fantasy world and is killed rather quickly only to discover his unique power. Subaru cannot die; He simply revives himself at a point in time earlier than his death. Using his power, Subaru is able to befriend the next queen Emilia, but threats against this friend leave Subaru cornered at every turn even with is unique power.

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