Justice League: Godzilla vs Superman Preview Who's the Strongest

Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong #2 proves Godzilla is stronger than Superman in its preview.

At this point, it seems Superman has fought just about everyone and everything. The superhero has been around for decades, and in that time, the DC Comics icon has taken on all sorts of opponents. These days, a new crossover has pitted Superman against Godzilla thanks to a Justice League crossover. And thanks to the release of a new comic preview, well – we can settle the debate of whether Superman or Godzilla is the strongest.

Can you guess who wins? Well, it isn't the hero from Krypton. According to Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong #2, the strongest of the two is Godzilla, and we are sure the monster's irradiated existence is to thank.

(Photo: DC Comics)

After all, the preview pages for issue two are live, and it is there fans can see Superman and Godzilla duking it out. The pages follow Superman as he tries to pull his fight with Godzilla away from the city, but his efforts are in vain. Despite using his full strength to hit Godzilla, the titan does not even flinch, and he instead bats Superman away with his tail like a bug. The hit seems to do lasting damage to Superman, and it didn't take long for fans to piece together the reason why: radiation.

Sure, Superman may get his power from the sun, but the planet's nuclear energy is very different from what Godzilla puts out. While iterations of Superman change by series and writer, the character is consistently weak to radiation. The weakness is seen with Kryptonite as the mineral harms Superman through its unique radiation. Also, previous comics have shown Superman tackling nukes on Earth and being weakened by proximity alone. There is no denying radiation and Superman do not mix... and Godzilla is the living embodiment of radiation.

Obviously, Godzilla's atomic breath would be a nightmare for Superman, but the titan itself is radioactive. Its body is incredibly radioactive, and various films have shown Godzilla's travels irradiate the areas he visited. Superman could get radiation poisoning from just punching Godzilla, and it seems the latest previews from DC Comics proves as much. So if you thought Superman was going to take down Godzilla, well – you best think again.

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