PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale Includes $2 AAA PS4 and PS5 Games

The PlayStation Store has some dirt cheap PS5 and PS4 games for Black Friday.

The PlayStation Store Black Friday sale is live on PSN with over 400 PS4 and PS5 games on sale. Unlike most PlayStation Store promotional sales, the Black Friday sale features almost no filler and is brimming with meaty discounts. Some PS4 games are as cheap as a couple dollars while some PS5 games are almost just as cheap. That said, the sale is only live for a limited time. More specifically, it's only live until November 28, which is 10 days from the moment of publishing. 

We've gone ahead and dug through the Black Friday PlayStation Store Sale and unearthed the best deals on PS4 and PS5 games and organized them by price. Below, you can find every notable deal included in the sale, featuring a hyperlink to each game's PlayStation Store listing and its current asking price. In addition to this, there are trailers for some PS4 and PS5 games sprinkled in.

PS4 and PS5 Games Under $5

PS4 and PS5 Games Between $5 and $10

PS4 and PS5 Games Between $10 and $20

PS4 and PS5 Games $20 and Above