Among Us Teasing Major New Collaborations

Among Us is teasing collaborations with a bunch of popular indie games.

Among Us is easily one of the most successful indie games of all-time. Developed by the tiny studio InnerSloth, the game has become nothing less than a global sensation over the last few years. It seems that the company will be teaming up with other high-profile indie games as part of a new crossover event. The official Among Us Twitter account has shared a new piece of art of a Crewmate surrounded by obscured characters from different indie games. While nothing has been officially announced just yet, the team did confirm "new collabs" are coming in a follow-up Tweet

The teaser art for these new collaborations can be found in the Tweet embedded below. 

While it's hard to say what games will be included in this new crossover, that hasn't stopped people from guessing! Among Us fans on Twitter think they've been able to spot references to Celeste, Untitled Goose GameA Hat in Time, Alien Hominid, River City Girls, Undertale, and Crypt of the Necrdancer. Readers should keep in mind that this is all just speculation right now, but some of these guesses seem plausible based on the key art. In particular, the image in the middle right looks an awful lot like the main character from Untitled Goose Game. Hopefully InnerSloth won't keep fans waiting too much longer on some answers! 

The Popularity of Among Us

One of the nice things about an Among Us collaboration like this one is that it could convince new players to try out a game they've never played before. If Celeste or Alien Hominid inspired skins are added, it's possible that players unfamiliar with these games might decide to give them a try. All of the suspected indie games that are featured in the promo art are fairly notable, and have found a good amount of critical and commercial success for their developers over the years. However, Among Us is on something of a different level, given the sheer amount of merchandise the game has inspired, and the fact that an animated series is currently in the works. This kind of spotlight could give some of these games a nice boost in attention. 

Among Us Collaborations

Since the game's explosion in popularity in 2020, Among Us has featured a number of collaborations with different games and franchises. Skins based on Halo, Ratchet & Clank, and Scream have all been released, to name a few. Out of all the potential indie games listed, A Hat in Time seems like one of the most likely; last year, A Hat in Time players that owned both games on Steam were treated to in-game stickers inspired by Among Us. The stickers featured Hat Girl in a Crewmate inspired outfit. Given that, it's somewhat surprising that a skin based on Hat Girl hasn't appeared in Among Us just yet! 

What indie game collaborations would you like to see in Among Us? Are you looking forward to this event? Share your thoughts with me directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp or on Instagram at @Dachampgaming!