Naruto Introduces Another Uchiha Powerhouse, Hikari

The Naruto x Bortuo Universe has another Uchiha Clan powerhouse - meet Hikari!

The Naruto Universe has introduced another powerhouse of the Uchiha Clan – and she goes by the name of Hikari Uchihia! 

Hikari Uchiha's Power Explained

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Actually, you'll probably hear Hikari more commonly referred to as "Nanashi," and she was a kunoichi of the Uchiha Clan during the Warring States Period of history, which preceded the formation of Konohagakure and the other hidden villages. Hikari had uniquely powerful chakra and jutsu abilities, including a full-matured Sharingan at a young age, and a Mangekyo Sharingan that allowed her to unleash a Genjutsu known as the Yachihoko, which allowed her to erase memories and control the minds and chakra of others. 

During the Warring State Period, the Uchiha Clan used Hikari and her powers as a powerful weapon against the other shinobi clans. Hikari was similarly treated as a living weapon instead of a person; she had her real name replaced by "Nanashi," and was locked away in a cage during the war. The Sarutobi and Senju clans formed an alliance and used a fuinjutsu to seal Ninashi away, where she remained until the modern-day age of Boruto Uzumaki's youth. 

How Nanashi Becomes A Villain 

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The Story Mode of the new game Naruto x Boruto: Ulitmate Ninja Storm Connections sees the game's main villain, Merz of the Zero organization, release Hikari from her seal. As a disciple of Pain and his Akatsuki, Merz manipulates Nanashi's feelings of hurt and anger into a plot to get revenge on the entire shinobi world. When Boruto gets into a popular online game called "Ninja Heroes" he begins to befriend the game's navigator, "Nanashi," only to realize something sinister is afoot... 

(SPOILERS) During the course of Ultimate Nina Storm Connections' story, Merz and Nanashi use an Engraved Tsukuyomi and the Yachihoko to influence the entire shinobi world and nearly push it into the Fight Shinobi World War. Team 7, Hidden Leaf's heroes (Naruto and Sasuke), and Toneri Otsutsuki all unite in the fight, breaking the Yachihoko and then stopping Merz and Zero for good. However, during that fight Boruto's friendship causes Nanashi to change sides, and she sacrifices herself to help him win against Merz in battle. 

Hikari Uchiha Redeemed

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Nanashi's story doesn't end in that tragedy, though. Boruto gets sent back in time by Toneri Otsutsuki, where he meets and rescues Nanashi from the Uchiha Clan's cruelty during the Warring State Period. After battling their way out of the Uchiha Clan's stronghold, Boruto reveals her true name and identity to her, inspiring her to go off and live a life as something more than a living weapon. 

Boruto gets the touching validation of Hikari having lived a good life, as he discovers upon returning to the present day that she leaves behind an account of how much he changed her life for the better. 

Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Nina Storm Connections is now on sale for various gaming platforms