IShowSpeed Swatted Multiple Times in New House

IShowSpeed has been swatted two times in his brand new house.

IShowSpeed has unfortunately been swatted multiple times in his new house. Twitch and YouTube are some of the biggest forms of entertainment out there right now, partially because you are directly connected with the entertainer in question. You can speak with them, donate money to them, and they can even bring you on the stream via Discord or a video game if they so desire. However, this ease of accessibility has also created problems. Some users will walk around in public on stream which can make them targets for harassment, others have had their personal information shared, and some have even been at the center of more deadly encounters.

One such example is swatting. Swatting is when someone online calls the police and tells them that there's a serious threat like a hostage situation or something that would require a heavy police force to make their way into a home. This has been a serious thing that has been used against streamers to put them in situations that could easily get them killed or hurt, especially since they usually play with headphones on and can't hear someone knocking at the door. Police departments have worked with creators to try and prevent this, but it does still happen. Streamer IShowSpeed has been the victim of swatting two times in a row at his brand new home. On his most recent stream, he can be heard talking with someone who is also in the house and speaking to the police about how they have tried to work with the department to avoid this situation entirely.

IShowSpeed noted that the situation is making him want to quit YouTube entirely. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but the streamer is okay. IShowSpeed just turned 18 earlier this year and used the money he has made off of streaming to buy a new house. Unfortunately, some of the more malicious people who watch his content have spoiled his fun. Swatting still happens on a regular basis despite the methods put in place to try and prevent it, but hopefully Speed's local police department can help prevent it from happening so frequently.