The Bikeriders: Austin Butler, Tom Hardy Movie Finds New Distributor

Disney had removed The Bikeriders from the release schedule earlier this year.

Just days after it was reported that Disney would no longer be releasing the film, The Bikeriders has found a new home. On Wednesday, THR reported that Focus Features has acquired the worldwide rights to the New Regency film and there are plans to release the film sometime in 2024. Focus will handle the domestic release of the film while Universal Pictures International will handle international release.

"We are delighted to add such a riveting project to next year's strong slate of films. We look forward to once again working alongside New Regency and reuniting with the multi-talented Jeff Nichols on another one of his visionary projects," Focus Features chairman Peter Kujawski said.

"We are excited to team up again with our Focus Features partners and look forward to another successful collaboration. And we couldn't be prouder of The Bikeriders, Jeff Nichols and all the talent he has brought together to create this truly exceptional film," New Regency chair-CEO Yariv Milchan added.

What Is The Bikeriders About?

The Bikeriders is a furious drama following the rise of a fictional 1960s Midwestern motorcycle club through the lives of its members. Inspired by Danny Lyon's iconic book of photography, The Bikeriders immerses you in the look, feel, and sounds of the bare-knuckled, grease-covered subculture of '60s motorcycle riders. Kathy (Comer), a strong-willed member of the Vandals who's married to a wild, reckless bikerider named Benny (Butler), recounts the Vandals' evolution over the course of a decade, beginning as a local club of outsiders united by good times, rumbling bikes, and respect for their strong, steady leader Johnny (Hardy). Over the years, Kathy tries her best to navigate her husband's untamed nature and his allegiance to Johnny, with whom she feels she must compete for Benny's attention. As life in the Vandals gets more dangerous, and the club threatens to become a more sinister gang, Kathy, Benny and Johnny are forced to make choices about their loyalty to the club and to each other.

The ensemble cast of The Bikeriders includes Austin Butler as Benny, Jodie Comer as Kathy, Tom Hardy as Johnny, Michael Shannon as Zipco, Mike Faist as Danny Lyon, Norman Reedus as Funny Sonny, and Boyd Holbrook as Cal.

Austin Butler Will Next Appear in Dune: Part Two

In addition to his role in The Bikeriders, Butler is also set to appear in Dune: Part Two as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. That film has been delayed to spring 2024.

"[We] really try to dig into the humanity of [the character]. It's that thing of the bad guy in the world doesn't feel like he's the bad guy," Butler explained in an interview last year. "He feels like he's the hero of his own story. And that can be a hard thing with certain characters; with others, it's easier, but you have to not judge the character, and you have to find a way to feel the motivation towards anyone of your actions. So, we had a lot of conversations and crafted that together."

"Denis is so thoughtful, he doesn't miss anything, and his attention to detail is remarkable," he said. "Denis is amazing; he's such an incredible director. The energy on his sets is amazing, everyone trusts him so much, and it's such a well-oiled machine, and he's a master of the craft."

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