Rockstar Games Developer Sheds Light on Canceled James Bond-esque Game, Agent

We have gotten some new details on Rockstar's canceled game, Agent.

A former Rockstar Games developer has shed some light on one of the studio's most secretive games: Agent. Rockstar Games has made a killing on Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. The last two games in those franchises are on the top ten best selling games of all-time list, meaning they are easily one of the most respected developers out there. The studio has made great efforts to push the envelope with technology and offer unrivaled experiences with its attention to detail and masterfully crafted stories. Unfortunately, that level of perfection has come at the cost of long development times. So much so, the studio hasn't really had a new IP in a very long time.

One game that likely would've come out between Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 was Agent. The game was formally announced in 2009 at the PlayStation E3 press conference, though it was in the works long before that. No real details were ever officially confirmed beyond it being a spy game in the vein of James Bond. The project remained on Rockstar's website until just a couple of years ago, but was never formally canceled for whatever reason. It was a sad cancelation, but new details have trickle dout courtesy of ex-Rockstar Games developer Obbe Vermeji. It was intended to be set in the 1970s and feature all kinds of crazy gadgets such as a car that turned into a submarine, a hang glider, and more. It would've been more linear than GTA, however, with an emphasis on going to very different locations such as Cairo, France, and even a Swiss ski resort. The latter of which would've had an elaborate downhill shootout on skis, likely similar to The Spy Who Loved Me or A View to Kill

There was also a section set on a space station with lasers, suggesting this would've been very much inspired by the Roger Moore-era of Bond and take cues from things like Moonraker. Unfortunately, the project was put on ice as everyone was asked to help finish Grand Theft Auto IV. According to Vermeji, the project was moved to a different team, but it never saw the light of day. Whether or not Rockstar Games will ever bring Agent to life is a mystery. There are signs of it all over Grand Theft Auto V with a license plate on an Aston Martin-inspired car referencing the game's title and it can shoot guns. GTA Online would also add some pretty elaborate missions with spectacular gadgets and vehicles, such as flying DeLoreans. It all feels very Bond, suggesting it may have been leftover from Agent, but that's pure speculation.