Dave the Diver Developers Releases First Gameplay Trailer For Next Project

Dave the Diver developers dropped the first trailer for Nakwon, its new extraction shooter.

Developer Mintrocket burst onto the scene with Dave the Diver earlier this year. That game quickly became one of the biggest smaller-budget games of the year, setting up Mintrocket for great long-term success. However, the team is set to prove that it's not a one-trick pony by releasing something incredibly different. Nakwon: Last Paradise is the studio's next project, and it mixes extraction survival and zombies to create something that could not feel more different from Dave the Diver. Nakwon was announced earlier this year, and today it received its first gameplay trailer.

Nakwon: Last Paradise First Gameplay Trailer

The 22-minute-long gameplay trailer gives fans an in-depth look at what to expect from Nakwon: Last Paradise. Mintrocket's second game features PvPvE gameplay that will remind players of other extraction shooters. In the trailer above, you can see the player character going up against zombies using all kinds of weapons. Early on, it looks like he's using a baseball bat full of nails, but he upgrades his gear by finding new pieces of loot all over the environment.

You can also see that the game uses a sound system to alert the zombie of where your character is. Depending on how fast you move through the city, you'll make more noise, which will attract the undead. There aren't any massive herds of zombies, but you do see the player chased by decent-sized groups at times. 

It's worth noting that the footage above is from a pre-alpha build of the game. Mintrocket will likely implement several improvements as it gets closer to release. Speaking of, Nakwon: Last Paradise is getting a pre-alpha test from November 29 to December 4. Mintrocket hasn't given any details about how players can get into the test period, though it might be open to everyone. With the start date quickly approaching, Mintrocket will likely announce further details very soon.

One detail that wasn't touched on much in the gameplay trailer is the Citizen Grade. Mintrocket says this feature will "determine privileges and access levels" in Nakwon: Last Paradise. It sounds like this is one of the main ways you'll earn money, which you can then use to pay rent and purchase better equipment. As your Citizen Grade goes higher, you'll earn access to better items.

Obviously, this is a massive departure from Dave the Diver. It will be very fun to see how Mintrocket handles the change and if the DtD audience comes along with them. Fortunately, the pre-alpha test that kicks off on November 29 should tell us quite a bit more about what to expect from Nakwon: Last Paradise.