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The TEIMSI Editor and Compiler.



    Where to get a powerful tool to operate the power of the CPU and the computer with a simple programming language like Javascript and Php?. How to enjoy a distinct and efficient technology to build interesting applications which handle sounds, images and data files with an arbitrary depth of detail? How to do these tasks without having to understand complicated programming files?. Many Websites offer several tools for basic and fast solutions, but having a doubtful security and quality. Why you have to suffer with waiting of perfect solution?. This is a tool that will put on your hands not only the solution to those problems, within its functionalities is possible to apply special effects to the text being edited because to sort, separate multiple data on lines and handle programming texts are problems of the past.


Seventeen examples of applications projects are included and a complete documentation, here also is the edition of Spanish language and the Educational Edition which is for free.



Softpedia Award

The "TEIMSI Editor and Compiler" has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and they found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components. They are impressed with the quality of the product and they encourage to keep these high standards in the future.





Build executable files and dynamic libraries customizing all its resources from the program icon to its creation data. Create new instances of the application editing an arbitrary amount of Scripts. Get one thousand solutions in one with all the functionalities of the TEIMSI Editor and Compiler Professional Edition v0.95; the user license is for only U$S 59.95 dollars. See that no special systems requirements are needed and its easy to have it.





For more information, see Documentation.


The satisfaction and trust of customers is our priority.


Sincerely. The team of Teimsi.org.