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> Tool: Chart of pairs <

Width and height of the image =
Size of text (range 1 to 5) =
Title on the vertical axis =
Title on the horizontal axis =
Delimitation of horizontal focus [x,x2] =
Delimitation of vertical focus [y,y2] =
Distance between numbers at horizontal axis =
Distance between numbers at vertical axis =
Precision for numbers at horizontal axis =
Precision for numbers at vertical axis =
Toggle vertical position of numbers on the horizontal axis (1=yes,0=no) =
Distance between lines at horizontal axis=
Distance between lines at vertitcal axis=
Colour of horizontal lines =
Colour of vertical lines =
Colour of background =
Colour of text =
Colour of axises =
Colour of frame =
Colour of line =
Colour of points=
Radio of points=
    Create chart from data.

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